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Podwale 61/ 8. PL 50-010 WROCLAW,

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Born in 1954 in Wroctaw. Philosopher of art, teacher in higher education, author of treatises and theoretical or critical texts on art, member of the Polish Artists-Photographers Association. Has been photographing since the 1980s. Lives and works in Wrocław.

I treat photography as a significant way of knowing and thinking, directed at formalising something undoubtedly real. During an always independent and unrepeatable act of decision to release a shutter, reality acquires its due (though not directly included) metaphysical sense - a new personal dimension. Photographic experience turns out to be a mysterious way of subjecting the world to the synthesis of two realities: ideal one and real one, according to the principle of concor-dia oppositorum of the subject and fixed appearances of the object. This unusual opportunity for the origination of metaphysical qualities is what gives our life the value of "living on " and for whose mysterious concrete revelation in our life, latent longing lives in us and hides itself behind all our activities and actions. It prompts us whether we want it or not. Their revelation is the top and simultaneously the largest depth of our life and of everything that exists (R. Ingarden). It is an invariable expectation for fulfilment in amazement and joy.

Participation in exhibitions since 1998:

BWA Wroctaw, Awangarda Gallery (one-man exhibition)


Galeria Sztuki in Legnica (one-man exhibition)


- "Landscapes from the end of the century", pf Gallery of Photography

-Zamek Centre of Arts, Poznah; Museum of Architecture, Wroctaw (group exhibition)

- "Contacts", Pusta Gallery, Gornoslaskie Centrum Kultury, Katowice; Centrum Sztuki Wspotczesnej, Stara Gallery of the Polish Artists-Photographers Association, Warsaw; Chtodna 20 Gallery, Regionalny Osrodek Kultury i Sztuki, Suwatki; Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych, Zielona Gora (group exhibition)

- XI Biennial of Mountain Photography, Regionalne Centrum Kultury, Jelenia Gora;


- "Landscapes from the end of the century". Pusta Gallery, Katowice;
- "Contacts", FF Gallery- Forum of Photography, Lodzki Dom Kultury, Lodz;
- Galeria Sztuki BWA, Jelenia Gora, (one-man exhibition)



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